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KlenTaq1 Description:

Klentaq1 is a 5'-exonuclease deficient Taq polymerase (an N-terminal deletion of Taq) with improved fidelity and thermostability. With wholesale prices for DNA Polymerase at 6¢-8¢ per unit and guaranteed to be superior quality, Klentaq1 is ideal for various research uses.

Klentaq1 Catalog No. 1001: $200

Amount: 100µl (sufficient for 2000 25µl reactions up to 1kb)

Storage conditions: Enzyme and buffer -20°C

Delivery: Will ship within 24 hours of order for next day delivery M-Th

Shelf Life: At least 3 years from date of receipt under proper storage conditions. 

Please take advantage of our discounted pricing:

 $2.00/µl--up to 500µl

$1.90/µl--up to 1.0Kµl

 $1.80/µl--greater than 1.0Kµl


100µl (2,500 units)---$200ea ($2.00/µl)

1000µl (25,000 units)---$1900 ($1.90/µl)

2000µl (50,000 units)---$3600 ($1.80/µl)   


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Please order at:


Tel :  314 968-4944 

Fax : 314 968-8988



8224 Manchester Road Ste 101, St. Louis, MO 63144

                                     Domestic or International S/H charges will apply

GF KlenTaq1 Cat. No. 1002

Glycerol-Free version of KlenTaq1 DNA Polymerase 

Amount: 2000 µl but inquire for smaller quantities

Shipping conditions: Ice pack

Storage conditions: Enzyme at 2-8°C, buffer -20°C

Note: Do not freeze enzyme

Shelf life: use the enzyme soon after delivery   

PC2 Buffer Cat. No. 1003

Reaction buffer provided at no additional cost

  • 1.5 ml per 100 µl of KlenTaq1
  • Minimal charge for additional buffer