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KlenTaq1 is a 5'-exonuclease deficient Taq polymerase (an N-terminal deletion of Taq) with improved fidelity and thermostability. With wholesale prices for DNA Polymerase as low as 8¢ per unit and guaranteed to be superior quality, KlenTaq1 is ideal for various research uses.  

KlenTaq1 Catalog No. 1001:  $220ea ($2.20/µl)

Amount: 100µl (sufficient for 2000 25µl reactions up to 1kb)

Shipping conditions: Ambient temperature

Storage conditions: Enzyme and buffer -20°C

Shelf Life: At least 3 years from date of receipt under proper storage conditions

Please take advantage of our discounted pricing:

$2.20/µl—up to 800µl

$2.00/µl—900µl to 2000µl
$1.90/µl—greater than 2000µl

GF KlenTaq1 Cat. No. 1002

Lyoph-Ready Reduced Glycerol version of KlenTaq1 

Amount: 2000 µl, please inquire for smaller quantities

Shipping conditions: Ice pack

Storage conditions: Enzyme at 4°C, buffer -20°C

Note: Do not freeze enzyme

Shelf life: The shelf life of the GF enzyme has not been determined therefore we recommend using the enzyme soon after receiving

PC2 Buffer Cat. No. 1003

Reaction buffer provided at no additional cost

1.5 ml per 100 µl of KlenTaq1

Minimal charge for additional buffer

Storage conditions: -20°C